Sunday, July 09, 2006

Constitutional Isogesis

By Mark M. Alexander - July 8th, 2006 -
"Judge not, lest ye be judged." It's notable that this text from the Bible has replaced John 3:16 as Americans' favorite scriptural quotation -- but what does it actually mean? Is this ageless admonition really a call to unmitigated tolerance over discernment between right and wrong? Is it really a biblical nod of the head to the virtues of postmodern morality and multicultural society?

Of course not. As Christ's imperative against judgment appears in the Gospel accounts, a different picture emerges. With the Pharisees clearly in view, in the Sermon on the Mount account of Matthew 7, and again in Luke 6, "judge not" appears in the context of the proverbial man who perceives the speck that is in his brother's eye, but not the log that is in his own. The context, then, suggests a warning against hypocrisy, not moral discernment.

Isogesis. Now there is a pretentious word. It is not even in the dictionary that I have. However it may be a good word given the meaning ascribed to it in this article. That meaning is "the practice of isolating and thereby misinterpreting a phrase or passage from its context".

No better definition of the judicial abuse going on in our courts can be found.

A perfect example is freedom of religion. Judges have actually twisted the guaranteee of the "free exercise of religion" into the bizarre concept that those opposed to religion cannot be exposed to any expression of Chrisian or Jewish faith. The free exercise of religion is exclusively enforced for the defense of those who oppose religion. No one else is protected. Government has become an agency for the suppression of faith in the guise of protecting feedom of religion.

That does not mean that your children cannot be indoctrinated in the Muslim faith. That practice goes on all over America, where classes are held in the Muslim faith, and children are REQUIRED to read and participate in the Muslim rituals. Of course judges once again abuse the English language by claiming that this is cultural diversity, not religion. In the very same school a valedictorian's microphone is cut off for her simply daring to claim that her religion is an important part of her life. It doesn't matter that she is not advocating her religion for others. She is denied the right to even mention that she believes. "Religion" is whatever some judge misinterprets it to be. Isogesis.

That is what our supreme tyrants have accomplished in America today. Congratulations. You no longer live in a democracy. You live in a judicial oligarchy. This will not change until we start impeaching these tyrants.


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Yes, well written! So true!


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