Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Court Rules In Favor Of
Chinese Muslim Held At Gitmo

by Bill Mears - June 23rd, 2008 - CNN.com

A federal appeals court ruled Monday that a Chinese Muslim held by the U.S. military was improperly labeled an "enemy combatant" by the Pentagon.

The clear intention is that war is about to become the same kind of ridiculous farce that our judicial tyrants have invented for criminal cases in America. You hear constantly about "civil" rights. The truth is that our corrupt and power hungry judges don't care about "civil" rights at all. They care about "criminal" rights. They have for years been more concerned with the power to control our government conferred on them when they subvert justice by freeing criminals than with the consequences to innocent citizens of freeing criminals who have clearly harmed others. Victims have no rights in America. Certainly no rights that judges care about.

Well now they have decided that just shooting at our troops is not enough to confer enemy combatant status on our enemies. Our armed forces cannot incarcerate the enemy they find on the battlefield unless they can prove they were not there by mistake. A Chinese man goes to Afghanistan for training in a terrorist camp. According to the judicial tyrants, we must first determine if he had some innocent reason to be learning about terror tactics. We must prove that he had animus against America. His presence in the training process of our enemy is not enough. These judges now confer rights upon our enemies. Our troops are presumed guilty and the enemy is presumed innocent.

In war these kinds of rules are insane.


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