Friday, June 27, 2008

Judge Rejects Bid To Let Police Check Immigration Status

by Jennifer Steinhauer - June 26th, 2008 - The New York Times

A Superior Court judge on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit seeking to end a longstanding police policy that prohibits officers from initiating contact with people for the sole purpose of learning their immigration status.

The policy has come under scrutiny in recent months after the killing of a high school football star, Jamiel Shaw Jr., who the police say was murdered by an illegal immigrant who is a member of a gang.

This ruling is another in along line of rulings that prove the arrogance of our judiciary and its antipathy to our culture. It is certain that the courts will defend illegal aliens against the interests of American citizens. The decision will always go in favor of the illegal alien. It is also certain that if a case is between an atheist and a Christian, the decision will go in favor of the atheist. Free speech, according to our courts, only exists for liberals and every college campus in America has speech codes that define defense of our culture as "hate speech". Demonstrations can be held to shut down the speaker. No judge will interfere and only the rights of those opposed to America ever prevail.

You no longer need to know anything about our laws or our Constitution to understand our courts. Determine what will damage America the most, and that is how judges will rule. Welcome to America and the "rule of judges".


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