Saturday, August 05, 2006

Judge Orders Killer Released From Prison

by Staff - Saturday August 5th, 2006 -

A convicted killer is set to be released from prison after a judge ruled his rights had been violated because he was continuously denied parole.

The tyrants of the revolving door criminal justice system have once again demonstrated their total indifference to safety of the citizens of this nation. A killer, who brutally murdered someone, has the right to parole and thus the ability to kill again, because a judge sentenced him to life with the "possibility" of parole. Therefore the judge has decided that unless he gets parole, no matter why it is denied, his RIGHTS under the Constitution have been denied.

This only makes sense if you understand the purpose of Judges in today's American court system. That purpose is maximizing legal fees by turning criminals loose so they can commit more crimes, thus generating legal fees for lawyers. This also provides cases to try which makes judges more important. They pay lip service to a farcical pretense they are defending "rights" but they are simply running one of the most corrupt and evil scams ever invented. Criminal courts are a revolving door joke. Civil courts are a system of blackmail and extortion.

Welcome to the rule of judges.


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