Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Lead Paint Cinch

Editorial - July 2nd, 2008 - The Wall Street Journal

Yesterday was a good day for justice in Rhode Island, where the state Supreme Court stopped cold an attempt to turn lead paint into the next tobacco or asbestos.

The 4-0 ruling overturned a 2006 jury verdict that was the first court decision swallowing the theory that lead paint is a "public nuisance." Under that legal reasoning, the state claimed lead paint harmed public health – and companies that once made the product could be held liable whether or not there was even an injured party.

Writing for the court, Chief Justice Frank Williams explained that "the state has not and cannot allege any set of facts to support its public nuisance claim."

As noted in the article however, the stock value of the companies who were sued have been damaged forever. This is one more case showing the egregious blackmail and extortion nature of our evil court system. Justice today has no relation to obeying the law. Justice today is completely dependent on not becoming a target of the billionaire lawyers who punish companies for making legal products that can be construed as damaging someone. Lawsuits are currently working their way through the system that argue if you like hamburger, anyone who sells it to you can some day be destroyed on the premise that it could make you fat. It does not matter that the premise holds no credibility today. The act will be judged on opinions of some future time. And when these hamburger companies are destroyed and their stockholders have had their life savings taken away, it will have as little to do with justice as the lawsuit where McDonald's was found guilty of selling a hot cup of coffee in a cup that a lady crushed between her legs.

Our courts are an insane system of blackmail, extortion and a revolving door system turning criminals loose to prey on society. The criminals have "rights" you know. There is no justice in America.

Welcome to the rule of judges.


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