Thursday, July 03, 2008

Supreme Court's Embarrassing Error

by Clarice Feldman - July 2nd, 2008 - The American Thinker

A blogger, Caaflog, caught Justice Kennedy having made the biggest error in modern Supreme Court history that I can recall. In the death penalty child rape case, when he said that the death penalty for this crime was "against evolving standards" he overlooked, what a blogger found, that in 2006 Congress itself had made rape of a child a crime subject to the death penalty under the military code.

No clerk or justice caught this error which is significant and completely undermines the justification for Kennedy's swing vote in this case. Indeed, the entire case it seems to me is of dubious precedential value having been based on a clear factual error of great significance.

In the new world of "King" Kennedy, such trivial errors as supporting child rapists and defending them from justice based on a lie is of no great concern. Kennedy is one of the most contemptible people to ever serve as a Supreme Court Justice. His arrogance is beyond belief.

The only evolving standards the 5 liberal justices ever care about are the evolving standards of the perverts that they so adore.

Another article on this same issue, "Justice Dept. Admits Error in Not Briefing Court", points out that liberal bias is rampant in all of our justice organizations. The justice department, admits it was an error to not inform the Supreme Court about the recent legislative act to make rape of a child punishable by death. This is the same justice department whose FBI head opposes the second amendment decision. Liberal pro crime perversion of justice is rampant in our so-called justice system. Is there any wonder crime is out of control? From the supreme court justices on down, concern for criminals supersedes any concern for victims of crime.


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