Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lawsuits Make Us Less Safe

by John Stossel - August 9, 2006 -

Imagine if an evil business routinely deprived us of products that would help us live longer with less pain and more comfort. We'd be outraged, and lawyers would line up to sue. Yet something similar happens today, thanks to lawsuit abuse. Makers of all kinds of products are afraid to sell them to us because one lawsuit could ruin them.

Personal-injury lawyers claim they make America safer, but that's a myth. It's easy to see who benefits from those big damage awards we read about. Less obvious -- but just as real -- are the things we'd all like to have but never will get because of this climate of fear. Here are a few examples.

The litany of products removed from the market due to the American court system of extortion and blackmail is much longer than this list. Lawyers and the judges who enable them to practice this contemptible preying on our society are arogantly indifferent to the consequences of their acts. They get rich and powerful. Therefore they do not care who suffers.

It is becoming much more rare to hear some non-lawyer talk about our legal system being a good one. Most people have learned that our system is not only not the best, or even good. It is in fact evil. As lawyers and judges subvert democracy and ignore the legislature . . actually you can't say they ignore the legislature . . they actively subvert the legislature and the rule of law . . . respect for law continues to decline.

Currently we pay a very high price for judicial arrogance and the "rule of judges". However that price is going to get much higher before their attacks on America stop. Our courts are setting up an environment of contempt for law and government that usually ends in revolution.


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