Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Judge To Bush Admin.:
Guantanamo Is Top Priority

by Matt Apuzzo - July 8th, 2008 - Associated Press (

A federal judge overseeing Guantanamo Bay lawsuits ordered the Justice Department to put other cases aside and make it clear throughout the Bush administration that, after nearly seven years of detention, the detainees must have their day in court.

"The time has come to move these forward," Judge Thomas F. Hogan said Tuesday during the first hearing over whether the detainees are being held lawfully. "Set aside every other case that's pending in the division and address this case first."

We are still at war and POWs and enemy combatants have no right to resolution of their cases while the war continues. That is the law. In fact the battlefield in Afghanistan where these illegal enemy combatants were captured is heating up again. However the enemies of this nation are outraged that these forces, blatant violators of the Geneva Convention, have not been freed to kill more American troops.

Who are those enemies? They include liberals and progressives and socialists within our borders who despise the free enterprise system that makes us the favorite target of all around the world. Their greed and envy has led them to see our system of government as the major problem of the world. They hate our monetary success and they hate the freedom it engenders. They hate the fact that socialism in all its various forms has failed again and again.

They also accept the idea that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Therefore they see these enemy combatants in Guantanamo, who hate America, as their friends. They only care about freeing them to continue the war against America that THEY started.

The most outrageous comment is Judge Thomas F. Hogan's "If [the evidence against these enemy combatants] wasn't sufficient, then they shouldn't have been picked up." This tyrannical idiot feels enemy soldiers should be treated on the battlefield with all the rights of citizens who are defendants in a criminal trial. Our soldiers must investigate troops who surrender on the battlefield to make sure they really were shooting. If they can't be proved to be shooting then they must be presumed innocent and allowed to go free to kill our troops in future battles.

Judge Thomas F. Hogan is a traitor to America. He should be impeached.


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