Saturday, January 07, 2006

Now Judges Are Leaking

by Andrew C McCarthy - January 05, 2006 - National Review Online

FISA judges discuss NSA surveillance with the Washington Post.
On Thursday morning, the Washington Post published an article (“Surveillance Court Is Seeking Answers — Judges Were Unaware of Eavesdropping”) that is jaw-dropping in the matter-of-factness with which (it) reports on an outrageous impropriety by at least two FISA court judges.

Andrew McCarthy then goes on to claim that this kind of conduct "will be stunning to litigators and honorable federal judges (who, fortunately, constitute the vast majority of the bench)". What evidence does McCarthy provide that the vast majority of litigators and judges are honorable? As usual, none. These kinds of comments are always thrown into the constant barrage of articles which document and criticize the constant and epidemic behavior of judges who "make law" in violation of the Constitution, turn known criminals loose on technicalities (they especially love to turn pedophiles and murderers loose) and viciously sentence anyone who is convicted of non-violent crime.

There is rarely any concern by judges for the children later killed and raped by the pedophiles they turn loose. On the contrary, all you hear is how they just don't have a choice. I have a very different opinion of judges. It is my opinion that they have deviously manipulated the system to be a lawyer dependent system of abuse, extortion and revolving door sentences because it fattens their pocket books and provides them with political power over a crime ridden society. However more and more American Citizens are starting to understand that the vast majority of judges are not honorable. They are to blame for the system. I wonder how long it will take McCarthy to reach this opinion?

Anyone who understands what judges are truly like would not be surprised that they are leaking to the press. It is consistent with their arrogant disregard for any thought that they too must obey the law.