Monday, August 03, 2009

Eric Holder's Justice Department

It's all politics, all the time.

by Jennifer Rubin - August 10th, 2009 (Publication Date) - The Weekly Standard

In his confirmation hearing Eric Holder (Barack Obama's Attorney General) declared,

The attempts to politicize the department will not be tolerated should I become attorney general of the United States. It will be my intention to return [the civil rights] division and the Department of Justice as a whole to its great traditions and the great traditions that it had under Democratic and Republican attorneys general and presidents.

He further pronounced,

I will work to restore the credibility of a department badly shaken by allegations of improper political interference. Law enforcement decisions and personnel actions must be untainted by partisanship. Under my stewardship, the Department of Justice will serve justice, not the fleeting interests of any political party.

While some conservatives doubted that the man who helped facilitate the Marc Rich pardon and overrode the recommendation of career attorneys to give Bill Clinton a favorable recommendation on the pardon of 16 Puerto Rican terrorists in 1999 could live up to those pretty sentiments, he was confirmed by a vote of 75-21 with the support of many Republican senators.

Holder soon cast aside his confirmation rhetoric in favor of partisan politics.


In looking at the totality of Holder's performance, the degree to which he has departed from his confirmation hearing rhetoric is glaring. Any demarcation between the Obama administration's political agenda and the impartial administration of justice is being eradicated. "Holder is the most political, partisan attorney general I can remember," says Frank Wolf. A former Justice Department official says that "the entire equilibrium of the department is out of whack." Lamar Smith, too, is dismayed. He says he has met with Holder several times. "You hear the words but there is a disconnect with the actions."

I don't think you are going to see anything better as long as Democrats control our government. Our court system has become so corrupt that anything political is simply rubber stamped by tyrannical judges. If you doubt that, simply observe the miscarriage of justice in the GM and Chrysler bankruptcy rulings. The entire legal concept of secured loans was thrown out in service of political payoffs to unions who gave huge campaign contributions to Democrats. The corruption of the rulings was arrogant and intolerable. However nothing will be done about it.

This article will scare anyone who loves America. It is a litany documenting the number of partisan socialist appointees that have been given power by President Obama over a justice department that is ruled by an Attorney General who hates America.

The American Constitution and the rule of law have ended in our nation.

Lawyers Emerge As The
Winner In Ford Settlement

by Paul Elias - August 3rd, 2009 - Associated Press

The lawyers were paid millions of dollars. Ford Motor Co. put behind it a costly lawsuit connected to the Explorer rollover scandal of the 1990s. And the judge closed out a complex case that clogged the Sacramento County Superior Court's overburdened calendar for more than seven years.

Everyone seemingly got some tangible benefit — except for nearly all of the 1 million consumers covered by the class action lawsuit filed in their name. None of the consumers got money, only discount coupons toward new Ford purchases. Few used them.

The practice of settling class action lawsuits by doling out discount coupons rather than cash has come under fire from tort reform activists and others who complain that such lawsuits mainly benefit the lawyers — and even the companies being sued — at the expense of their clients.

Of course this is typical of the corruption of our courts. Note the allusion to the "complex case". What they really mean is that the lawyers thought arguing that an SUV is more likely to roll over than a sports car was somehow enlightening. That the Explorer was fairly average in roll over propensity compared with other top heavy 4 wheel drive high road clearance off road capable vehicles is what made it a "complex case".

Of course lawyers are of the opinion that no one should ever sell a product that does not defy the laws of gravity. Even if most of the customers realize it is going to be more prone to roll over if they want the type of vehicle in question, the manufacturer is still liable when it does roll over. This is known as the consumer law of hindsight. The manufacturer is liable... period. Back when I worked for Bendix they lost a lawsuit because the judge ruled that the failure of a third party brake cylinder made in Brazil was their fault because they did not somehow build a truck where a defective brake cylinder they did not manufacture could not be installed.


That no one with a brain could define how they could have done that made no difference to the idiot judge in that case. After all, the corrupt judges are never wrong since "justice" is what they say it is. This arrogance is exactly why we have the most corrupt court system on earth. That anyone can be sued by anyone, no matter how ignorant or insane is the reason America has more lawyers than the entire rest of the world. That alone is all the proof necessary to label our court system the most corrupt. This case is just more evidence piling on.