Friday, July 02, 2010

Is Blago Judge Protecting Obama?

String of Curious Rulings in Corruption Trial Raise Questions about Judge's Motives

by Jerry McGlothlin - Attributed July 1st, 2010 - Special Guests

In April, Judge James Zagel was presented with a motion to subpoena Barack Obama by Rod Blagojevich's defense lawyers. The redacted motion showed a very strong argument for Obama's testimony; it was made even more compelling when a software glitch revealed all the omitted words on the internet, making it available to everyone. A primary request within the subpoena motion was the transcripts of a two hour interview between then president-elect and the FBI after Blagojevich's arrest in December of 2008.

Zagel denied the motion. Blagojevich's team then requested summaries of the interview; that too was denied. Had that been the only instance of a questionable ruling, Zagel may have deserved the extension of some grace relative to his discretion. However, there have been several instances where his rulings and / or comments seemed to benefit no one but Obama.

Is anyone surprised that a liberal judge would bend the law for political reasons?

Our courts are corrupt. There is no justice in America.