Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Threat Of
Liberal Judicial Activism
Reaches New Heights

by Lester Jackson - August 14th, 2011 - The American Thinker

It is, of course, nothing new for critics, including justices themselves, to accuse the court of rewriting law, twisting and torturing it beyond recognition. But, until now, there was at least a pretense of making decisions based on actual law. Resort to such pretense is bad enough!

Now, however, the United States is but one justice away from a majority so arrogant and incapable of embarrassment as to see no need even to resort to this pretense in usurping the democratic process. We are perilously close to five imperial justices so hell bent on ramming their unpopular personal values down the throats of an unwilling public that they will enforce laws that they themselves acknowledge do not exist -- in this case, for the benefit an unspeakably barbaric murderer.

Really! Do such justices have anything but contempt for the rule of law, contempt for the legislative process, contempt for the Constitution that clearly specifies that process, contempt for self-government and, ultimately, contempt for the American people?

The answer to that is, of course, obvious. Contempt for the American people is at the heart of this bizarre refusal to limit their actions to actual law. The American court system as defined by the leftist judicial activists has ceased to care about justice or law. Political dogma is the only criteria for decisions.

As a result, there is no justice in America. Our courts permitted President Barack Obama to steal the lawful billions of secured creditors of General Motors and use these stolen billions to reward his union cronies with lifetime pensions that they had lost by bankrupting the corporation. It was illegal, but not a single liberal justice cared. The secured creditors had their property stolen because they were "bad people" in the eyes of the liberals. The unions were enriched because they were "good people" in the eyes of the liberals.

Only political bias matters at this point in the corruption of the American Republic. We have become a banana republic, as corrupt as any that has ever existed. This writer warns that we could lose our country and respect for the law if we do not work for the right outcome in 2012. I disagree. I say we have already lost our nation. The outcome of 2012 will determine whether we can reverse that loss.