Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Lobbyist Linked By Times To McCain Sues

by Dena Potter - December 30, 2008 - Associated Press

Keith Werhan, a constitutional law professor at Tulane University, said key to Iseman's case will be how the court defines her -- as a public figure or a private figure. Public figures have to meet a higher standard of proof, and show malice by a news outlet.

Werhan also said the Times could be protected if it accurately quoted McCain's former aides about their perceptions of his relationship with Iseman.

"If all those statements are true, then it seems to me the Times is not at fault for reporting that," Werhan said.

"It's essentially hard to win a defamation suit," Werhan added. "The idea is the First Amendment has its thumb on the press' side of scales."

The press is dominated by free enterprise and America hating Marxists. This political bias was not the original reason the injustice against our nation and its freedom based economic form became a matter of our common law. Today however it is a major factor in the dominance of liberal thought in our nations dialog on politics and economics.

The problem though is that the bias is driving our nation's press coverage into abuse of justice as a normal pattern. It does not matter whether Vicki L. Iseman was ever involved with John McCain or not. It also does not matter whether she ever did anything to become a public figure. Our corrupt courts will side with the press and permit her to be ruined. I personally doubt she has any chance at prevailing in this lawsuit. I have seen little that indicates our courts care about justice or resisting injustice.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Fitzgerald Should Keep
His Opinions To Himself

by Victoria Toensing - December 13th, 2008 - Wall Street Journal

In the Dec. 9 press conference regarding the federal corruption charges against Gov. Blagojevich and his chief of staff, Mr. Fitzgerald violated the ethical requirement of the Justice Department guidelines that prior to trial a "prosecutor shall refrain from making extrajudicial comments that pose a serious and imminent threat of heightening public condemnation of the accused." The prosecutor is permitted to "inform the public of the nature and extent" of the charges. In the vernacular of all of us who practice criminal law, that means the prosecutor may not go "beyond the four corners" -- the specific facts -- in the complaint or indictment. He may also provide any other public-record information, the status of the case, the names of investigators, and request assistance. But he is not permitted to make the kind of inflammatory statements Mr. Fitzgerald made during his media appearance.

I am as repulsed by the governor's crude statements -- captured on tape by investigators -- as anyone. And although I am a Republican, I am first an officer of the court. Thus, I take no joy in a prosecutor pursuing a Democratic politician by violating his ethical responsibility. I fear for the integrity of the criminal justice system when a prosecutor breaks the rules.

What's more, Mr. Fitzgerald is a repeat offender. In his news conference in October 2005 announcing the indictment of Scooter Libby for obstruction of justice, he compared himself to an umpire who "gets sand thrown in his eyes." The umpire is "trying to figure what happened and somebody blocked" his view. With this statement, Mr. Fitzgerald made us all believe he could not find the person who leaked Valerie Plame's name as a CIA operative because of Mr. Libby. What we all now know is that Mr. Fitzgerald knew well before he ever started the investigation in January 2004 that Richard Armitage was the leaker and nothing Mr. Libby did or did not do threw sand in his eyes. In fact -- since there was no crime -- there was not even a game for the umpire to call.

This is what our criminal justice system has become. An abusive tyrannical power to destroy people at the whim of a prosecutor. What was done to Scooter Libby was atrocious and evil. No matter what this Governor has done, it is most important that the abusive actions by this prosecutor and the FBI agent Rob Grant be condemned too. I am just as concerned about their abuse of power as I am of the abuse of power of the Governor. Maybe more so.

The absolutely appalling conduct of Fitzgerald needs to be rejected by those of us who care about the return to a system of justice. Scooter Libby was destroyed over the opinion of what was in his heart when he made a statement where he might have mis-remembered a phone conversation with a reporter. However the major isssue that Fitzgerald ignored is this reporter hated the regime Libby was a part of. He therefore could well have had malice against Libby. Neither the prosecutor nor the jury took that into consideration. Since there was no crime, the claimed mis-statement was in furtherance of nothing. No crime had been committed and it was all about whose memory was right. Richard Armitage was the leaker and Fitzgerald knew that. Armitage was not a person that Scooter Libby was trying to protect. Scooter Libby would, since he was on the opposite side of the political spectrum, have helped to expose him if he had known, not hidden the fact.

It is therefore clear that Fitzgerald spent tens of millions of dollars to frame Scooter Libby, just because he could. No matter how reprehensible the conduct of this Governor, the question we have to ask ourselves is whether this personal glory seeking is the kind of justice this nation wants. I believe it is equally important to rid ourselves of people like Fitzgerald. He is an evil tyrannical vindictive little man.

Monday, December 08, 2008

The Politics Of
The Federal Bench

by R. Jeffrey Smith - December 8th, 2008 - Washington Post

Although the impact of Bush's judicial appointments is most often noticed at the Supreme Court, it has played out much more frequently and more importantly here [U.S. Federal Court, 6th District] and in the nation's 12 other appellate courts, where his appointees and their liberal counterparts are waging often-bitter ideological battles.

This ideological war is the most frightening aspect of the Magic Marxist Messiah's election. Obama has stated repeatedly and emphatically that he does not think that the Constitution should be the final control in our court's decisions. He believes that the courts should make law to protect those who expect government to provide health care, food, clothing, a nice home and punishment for all rich for daring to succeed. In other words, this is the major strategy to create the socialist utopia that Obama and the extreme left see as the necessary first step in forcing America into subservience to a global government.

Panel To Call For Review Of Wiretapping Of Scholar

by Eric Lichtblau and James Risen - December 7th, 2008 - New York Times

A Congressional oversight panel plans to ask the National Security Agency to start an investigation into new evidence that the agency illegally wiretapped a Muslim scholar in Northern Virginia and concealed the eavesdropping during a 2005 trial in which the scholar was convicted on terrorism charges.

Note that the key concern is not whether the "scholar" convicted was actually guilty of helping the Islamo-fascist organization Lashkar-e-Taiba. This is the group that recently perpetrated the terror attacks in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) in India . The concern here is whether the guilty Islamo-fascist "scholar" was convicted with sufficient concern for his "humanitarian" and "civil" rights. The Democrats never care about the "humanitarian" and "civil" rights of victims. Especially when they are Americans.

These new investigations are intended to assure that in the future, government employees will be afraid to take actions that hurt our enemies. Like the intimidation of the Clinton years which allowed for FBI agents to actually refuse to investigate the terrorists who took down the Twin Towers because of fear it would not be perceived as politically correct.

It is ridiculous to think that we can fight a war with the same rules that are used to prosecute criminals. Only these lawyers on the left think it is the same. Anyone who argues in favor of that must be presumed a traitor ... as far as I am concerned. However liberal lawyers [Democrats] seem to be much more concerned with protecting our enemies than with protecting our nation. Why is that?

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Man Pays For County Mistake

by Pete Shellem - November 16th, 2008 - Patriot-News

When Walter Andre Sharpe Jr. signed for a certified letter from Dauphin County Domestic Relations in 2001, he didn't know he was signing on for a seven-year nightmare.

Since then, the Philadelphia man has been thrown in jail four times, lost his job, become estranged from his four children and spent more than $12,000 to support the child of another man.

It finally stopped in May 2007 when a judge reversed a finding that he was the father.

But the same judge has since ruled that Sharpe is not entitled to any compensation, not even the money he was forced to pay to support the child.

Sharpe's attorney, Tabetha Tanner, said the county Domestic Relations office "stole" Sharpe's identity by exchanging his date of birth, address and Social Security number for that of the father.

The agency fought Sharpe's attempts to have DNA testing and said it determined he was the father "after reasonable investigation."

Yet it took The Patriot-News less than an hour to track down the real father ...

Welcome to the real world of a court system that sides openly with the corrupt tyrants of our increasingly arrogant system of socialist bureaucrats. If you wonder how bad it is going to get under the increased socialism of the Magic Marxist Messiah, just read this article. This is not just the fault of the County Bureaucrats who knowingly changed the identity of a father in order to make a man pay for another man's child. This is the fault of a court system dominated by tyrannical judges who are indifferent to injustice.

The really outrageous issue is described in the article when it says that research proves the real father had the child since he was one year old. In other words, the bureacrats were collecting from the wrong person for something that government was not responsible for paying. How incompetent can a bureacrat get. Government is not responsible for paying for a child because the real father who they say must pay to raise the child has the child and is paying for his upkeep. At the same time they are destroying the life of a different person who they fraudulently pursued for the money they should not have paid. By the way. The judge says he cannot do anything to correct this injustice. Insanity.

This is how bureaucrats destroy lives. This is how indifferent the courts are to that tyranny and how they collaborate in making it happen. This is how evil socialism really is. And the American people have voluntarily voted to abandon their freedom and become a socialist nation? What a nation of idiots we must be.

Justices To Decide Legality
Of Indefinite Detention

by Robert Barnes - December 6th, 2008 - Washington Post

The court said it will review the case of Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, a Qatari national studying in Illinois when he was seized in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and held in a Navy brig for more than five years without formal charges.

The case will present President-elect Barack Obama with an immediate decision on whether to endorse President Bush's aggressive use of executive power or to strike a new path in how the country confronts those suspected of planning additional al-Qaeda attacks.

The Supreme Court has ruled against the Bush administration four times on cases that involve the assertion of executive power with limited judicial review. Most recently, the court ruled 5 to 4 that terrorism suspects held at the naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have the right to challenge their detention in federal court.

Once again the seizure of power is of more concern to the 9 contemptible justices who rule our nation than following the Constitution they swore to uphold. Nothing in the Constitution grants rights to enemies of our nation to seek protection and redress of their grievances. However the courts are far more concerned with protecting those who attack America than with protecting our nation from attack.

The question of whether Barack Obama is qualified under the "natural born" clause of the Constitution is ignored on the same day that the right to freely oppose America amd handicap federal officials charged with our defense through stupid rules designed to protect citizens being extended to foreigners, makes the real agenda of the 9 tyrants unquestionably clear.

The most corrupt power on earth is the power to destroy a nation from within. That is exactly what our courts are doing.