Friday, April 14, 2006

Judge In CIA Leak Case Threatens Gag Order

By R. Jeffrey Smith - Friday, April 14, 2006 - Washington Post
U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walston did not explain exactly what provoked his pique, but he wrote in his order that "on several occasions information has been distributed to the press by counsel, which has included not only public statements, but also the dissemination of material that had not been filed on the public docket."

He complained that the parties to the case did not heed an earlier warning that he would not tolerate "this case being tried in the media," and he said such disclosures could impair the court's ability "to ensure that both sides receive a fair trial."

It is rulings like this one by this Judge that makes it clear the primary talent needed to be a Judge today is complete and total idiocy. This is a case in which the prosecutor has filed statements in the case that claim statements he made in a press conference about the person charged did not count and that his summary of the charges against the accused in the press conference was not "relevant" to the case. AND THE JUDGE AGREED!

This case has been tried in the press already. What kind of an idiot does it take to argue that he must stop the case from being tried in the press. Does he think that he can undo all the existing lies and false charges that have been made in the press? As usual the judge looks like an imbecile, but in reality it is our court system that is a farce.

The only reason the judge looks like an imbecile is that he is required to look like an imbecile to do his job.