Sunday, September 21, 2008

State Begs To Differ With Mahoney On Voter Address

By George Bennett - September 19th, 2008 - Palm Beach Post

Florida elections officials don't share Democratic U.S. Rep. Tim Mahoney's opinion that he can be registered to vote at an address different from his homesteaded residence in Palm Beach Gardens.

Mahoney represents congressional District 16. His house is in congressional District 22. While retaining a homestead exemption on the house and declaring it his primary residence, Mahoney is registered to vote at a barn . . . in District 16.

I would have definitely made a different title for this article. I would have titled it:


This article not only proves what an incompetent pack of buffoons run our court system. It proves that Democrats don't care about rules. Neither Democrats who run for office, or the ones who vote for their welfare checks. I have long been amused that some of the people here in Bertie County get angry when a county employee lives outside the district. Yet I bet that they would (just as quickly as these people in District 16) vote for the person who promises the most government freebies and not think anything about it no matter where they lived.

There are clearly rules that say Mahoney cannot have it both ways. However our courts will never find this Democrat cannot run for two reasons: 1. It would require common sense and 2. It would hurt Democrats. Our courts are run by liberal judges who vote their political bias before they vote the rule of law.